10 Tips for the Super Organised Bride

You’ve made the plans. Every fine detail from flowers to photography and favours have been ticked off the list and the excitement is kicking in. Well done you, wedding planning is wonderful but there’s so much to think of isn’t there. Before you kick off your heels and pop open the Prosecco it might be worth taking a look at some of our top tips for brides. Nothing urgent here, but some super ideas from brides that will make your wedding day run smoothly. You got this, right!

Time to drink Champagne (& Water) and dance on the table

It’s lovely to pop open the Champagne on your wedding morning. What a great way to celebrate your day and relax those nerves. We hate to be party poopers but maybe just stick to the one glass and make sure you’ve eaten beforehand.  It’s a good idea to keep hydrated so remember to have some bottled water on hand too.

Sewing Kit

A needle and thread is always a good idea. Fabric glue can also come in handy. Mum and /or bridesmaids love to help so why not ask one of them to take care of this.

Wedding Morning Tunes

Music can really set the mood for the day so why not prepare a wedding morning playlist with your girls. This could be a mixture of your favourite love songs, or some girly dance tunes to get you and your tribe in the mood. Music really does evoke the greatest memories and you can go back to your playlist in the future to remind you of your special morning.


A “hangry” bride is not a happy bride! Have a good breakfast and keep some healthy snacks on hand. Try to avoid chocolate & crisps as they won’t fill you up, not to mention the finger marks!! Protein is a great way to keep those hunger pains at bay, you could try almonds, crackers, apples and protein snack bars. If you plan to have lunch, a turkey sandwich or avocado on toast is a great option.

A Moment of Reflection

With all the excitement, hustle and bustle of your morning its easy to lose yourself and before you know it, you’ll be waltzing down the aisle to your man. Try a take a few minutes to yourself or to share with a loved one to reflect on the moment, take some deep breaths and savour the moment. This will be one of the best (if not THE BEST) day of your life.

Give Yourself Time

Having an extra ½ an hour to get ready and enjoy the moment can make all the difference. Things have a habit of taking more time on the day and nobody wants to feel rushed. Even if everything goes perfectly to plan (which we’re sure it will), you’ll have a little more time to relax, spend time with your loved ones and maybe play just one more song from your playlist. Make it a good one!

Get Steaming!

A handheld steamer is a brides best friend! They work miracles on those creases and you’ll find it comes in handy on your honeymoon too. Get some practice before the big day and you’ll steam through those wrinkles in no time.

Say “Cheese”

Yes, we know your face will be aching by the end of the day but it’s great to look back on your “getting ready” photos. Nominate one of your bridesmaids to snap away. The best pics sometimes turn out to be the ones that you didn’t even know were being taken.

Choose your Scent

A scented candle, room diffuser or natural oil in your favourite scent will create a relaxed vibe and add to the extra details that make your morning special. Your chosen scent will always take you back to that moment. You’re making memories that will last a lifetime.

Just Chill

Enjoy the planning, get organised and then breathe. When your wedding morning arrives, don’t worry about a thing. Even the most organised plans can sometimes change, and that’s ok! The main thing is that you enjoy your day, at the end of it you will be married to the love of your life and that’s what counts.

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