How Do You Know When You’ve Found Your Dress?

We often talk about that very special moment when you find ‘the one’ and how will you know?

Will your mum cry, will your guests cheer, and will you do a happy dance around the boutique?

Hand on heart, every bride is different and we want you to know there is no ‘right way’ or ‘expected way’ to react. Just enjoy every moment and follow your heart.

We’ve all seen the American tv programmes, with the larger-than-life bride tribe who get very excited when their girl finds the dress. Of course, that’s great but it’s good to remember we’re not American. Us brits are well known for being a little more reserved so don’t be surprised, or disappointed if you don’t get that reaction from your guests.

Surprisingly, only around 1 in 20 mums cry when their daughter finds ‘the one’, but we do have the tissues ready just in case.

We specialise in finding brides ‘the one’. From experience we often know when a bride has found her dress before she does.

Her face may light up, they’ll be endless smiles and she probably won’t want to take it off (ever!!) There may be tears, there may be giggles, but there may not be, and that’s ok. The main thing is that YOU feel amazing in your dress.

Whatever happens at your appointment, don’t put pressure on yourself. We will make sure you have a wonderful, memorable experience.

Finding ‘your one’ really is a special moment that you will remember forever.

It’s about being YOU and finding a dress you LOVE. We will be with you every step of the way!

We hope you have found this useful. Don’t hesitate to find us on social media and pop over any questions you may have.

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