Luke and Danielle’s Wedding

Luke and Danielle’s Warwickshire Wedding at Ashton Lodge Country House

Danielle and Luke have been together almost 3 years.

They decided they wanted to get married and Danielle said she kept moaning and saying I need an engagement ring if we are getting married, so few months went on and they found their perfect venue. They put the deposit down and that was that!!

Then a couple of weeks later Luke randomly decided to take Danielle to the jewellery quarter in Birmingham. Danielle said “He told me I had a budget and that completely went out the window at more than double the original budget haha! But I had found my perfect engagement ring, which I got to design myself”.

They got married and had their reception at Ashton Lodge Country House in Warwickshire on 16th June last year and had a heatwave weekend. It was a beautiful day with all the guests being able to sit outside in the sunshine!

Danielle said choosing the venue was the most difficult part of planning because I thought I was fussy but wow…my husband was even worse!! He nit picked at every venue we looked at until we came across Ashton Lodge which we both fell in love with. The setting of the venue was beautiful and we loved the marquee attached to the venue and it would match perfectly to our shabby chic and rustic theme. We also loved that none of our guests would have to move from one venue to another venue for the wedding and reception. We loved that all our family and friends could stay over and have breakfast with us in the morning too.


I’ve always said that my dad never cries!!

When my dad came in he put his arms out with the worlds biggest grin then he all of a sudden teared up and then I got a emotional, my mum got emotional and my bridesmaids got emotional! My dad told me he was so proud of me and proud of the person I had become.

Then the registrar came in to see me and told me how lovely my husband to be was also said to calm down as I was getting really nervous, 1:58pm came and It was my time to make my way down stairs to the ceremony room, I walked down the stairs after my bridesmaids who were waiting all at the bottom of the staircase for me all crying and smiling like Cheshire cats. I stood behind them and their queue for the music to walk down the aisle, then I waited back and it was my big moment to walk down the aisle to my future husband.

I walked in and the overwhelming feeling of all these eyes looking at me, I walked around the corner to see Luke and he was crying when he saw me I couldn’t wait to get down to him.

For our reception meal we had a summer afternoon tea which fell perfect with the weather!

The Wedding decor was done by Juan at the wow business and flowers by Sam who works at the wow business too.

Lee Glasgow was our photographer and it was my clients brother in law, all the guests loved him and his energy.

The dress was such an exciting and amazing experience especially all the girls at Dress Me Pretty in Hinckley. I walked in with my mum and grandma, the welcome was so warm and friendly.

I had seen a dress on the Stella York website and asked Amy before I came in if she had the dress and amazingly they had just got it in, so perfect timing. I chose that one dress I had seen and a selection of other gorgeous dresses, tried on the dress I had seen on the Stella York website and fell in love instantly and knew that was the one, but I still tried on the others but they just did not compare to the ONE! My lovely mum paid my deposit for me and the feeling of being in the ONE is amazing and my tummy had filled up with butterflies.