When Should I Start Wedding Dress Shopping?

We get asked this question so much by our brides and so I wanted to help you by sharing some of my industry knowledge and start you on your wedding dress journey.

I would suggest you shop when you’re actually ready to find your dress. Some of our brides do this around six months before their big day and some up to two years. We would say around nine to twelve months before your wedding is the perfect time to order your dress. Of course, everyone is different, so you really do need to do what’s right for you.

Some of our brides like to be super organised and get their dress ordered so they can concentrate on everything else to do with their big day. Some will come to us not realising how long dresses take and may only have six months till their wedding. Most of our designers have order times of around six to nine months, but of course, we will always do our best to help you to get your dress in time.

What If I’m Trying to Lose Weight?


So many brides ask us this. Again, it really is a personal thing and you should do what’s right for you. If you are looking to lose a lot of weight then we wouldn’t recommend you order a dress two years before, it would be beneficial to do it a little bit closer to your wedding. This is something that seamstresses are used to dealing with all the time. I remember when I got married, I was definitely losing weight. In fact, I think it was the first time I actually stuck to my weight watchers plan!

Remember, do what’s right for you and the bridal shop that you go to will be there to help you.

We hope you have found this useful. Don’t hesitate to find us on social media and pop over any questions you may have.

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Amy x

Owner of Dress Me Pretty Bridal Room


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