Who to Take to Your Bridal Appointment

After many years of working in the bridal industry and seeing so many brides, I’ve seen how important it is to take the right people to your bridal appointment. With the recent COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve had to limit our brides to bringing two guests. Since doing so, we’ve noticed a real difference to the overall experience. With less guests, our brides seem to feel under less pressure and be more inclined to follow their heart. It’s all about how dress makes you feel, the most important thing when shopping for a wedding dress.


Some brides or guests ask if they can get their phone out to take photographs of the dresses during appointments. We have a no photograph policy for many reasons but one being that we want you to remember how a dress makes you feel. There’s no picture on an iPhone that will recreate that moment. Of course, when you find ‘The One’ we celebrate and encourage you to snap away!

As bridal stylists, we want you to look and feel the best you have ever felt and it’s super important that your guest/s want the same.

Comments that guests make, can make such a difference to the bride and often when behind the curtain with a bride, we can see them crushed by something that has been said.

When you’ve got the right people with you, it makes such a difference. We are here to listen and work with you to help you look and feel incredible. We use our industry knowledge and experience to make finding your dress easy and enjoyable.
Your guest/s. need to be 100% on your side and want you to look your absolute best for your special day.

We hope you have found this useful. Don’t hesitate to find us on social media and pop over any questions you may have.

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Amy x

Owner of Dress Me Pretty Bridal Room

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